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"OK. This is that part where you go from gay dating ignorance to gay dating knowledge. And if it's the right gay knowledge, you get to skip over the gay singles fear and all that kind of stuff and go straight to the gay dating understanding to gay romance."

This is the deal: Some boys fall in love with girls, and some girls fall in love with boys. And there are some boys who fall in love with boys, and some girls who fall in love with girls. And that's just the way it is,'

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Unions of Love is designed by gay men for dating gay men. Understanding our strong heritage as gay singles, on our gay dating journey we keep in mind important gay singles issues such as gay personality, gay lifestyle, gay values, and other factors important to your gay dating decisions. We as individual gay singles examines critical gay dating, gay romance and gay singles life issues such as gay sex drive, gay dominance, gay affection and acceptance of sexual orientation among others. As gay singles in the world of gay dating we designed unions of love to be easy to use, easy to find that someone special and affordable .

All Couples Welcome! The International Commitment Certification Registry (ICCR) is an official organization that collects and stores searchable records of Commitments that have been performed all over the world.

The ICCR provides Commitment Certification Registration Services. This service is used to create a permanent historical record of one the most important events in a couples life. Many governments do not recognize these unions. The ICCR was created to recognize all these unions on an international level. You can have your commitment registered Free online. After registering your commitment your free to order a 'Commitment Certificate' and/or 'Affirmation of Love' in the Certificates Center.

Commitment is a bond of love between two people, gay or straight. It does not involve any government. There are no legal benefits to having a Commitment Certification. People choose to have Commitment Certifications as a celebration of their love. 

For legal benefits in the United States, same sex couples should check to see if their city and/or state has any domestic partnership laws. Massachusetts offers legal marriage to same sex couples.  Vermont and Connecticut residents can have a civil union.



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Hawaii residents can use the reciprocal beneficiaries law. For other countries, please check your local laws. Domestic Partnership laws can be very confusing, so make sure you fully understand the laws before entering into any binding contract. And of course, straight couples can get married.

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